Sunday at PantheaCon

It’s Sunday at PantheaCon. I decided to sleep in this morning, which means I woke up at 9 a.m. instead of 7 a.m.

I skipped the morning events and overpriced breakfast buffet and opted instead for an overpriced bagel and coffee in my room. Later, I went to the Golden Dawn Prosperity Ritual. It was formal, interesting, and familiar. It satisfied me intellectually, but not emotionally. I need more juice.

I went back to browse vendor’s row and then paid too much for a turkey sandwich before hitting Selena Fox’s Brigid Circle of Healing Ritual. She has wonderful energy and a joyful spirit. She’s also an excellent ritualist and knows how to work a room. The image above is of her altar.

My friend Leni, a former coven mate whom I’m sharing the hotel room with, treated me to dinner. She lives across the country and it’s been really great spending time with her this weekend. One of the best things about PantheaCon is catching up with people you don’t often see.

I had considered going to Z Budapest’s The Sacred Body of Woman (Self-Blessing), but decided against it. A conflict has emerged over the exclusion of transwomen. Z’s ritual is for ciswomen only. Teo Bishop told me on Twitter that 89 people including himself,  T. Thorn Coyle, Peter Dybing, and Lupa, sat in silent protest outside the room where Z’s ritual took place. The beautiful Yeshe Rabbit sent me the following Twitter message, “the Amazons & Living Temple of Diana stood as loving witnesses there, in the space between, singing for a better future.” So mote it be, Rabbit.

The last event I went to was the Kali Puja: Mysteries of the Dark Goddess by Chandra Alexandre and SHARANYA. I’m a devotee of the Hindu goddess Kali and I love this puja. It was not on the program last year and I missed it. I’m very glad to have it back this year. It’s a highlight of my weekend and a great way to end the day.