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Australian home styles

One of the first things I noticed about Melbourne when I moved here are the beautiful homes: cottages, terrace homes, California Bungalows, charming little houses and grand estates. In recent weeks, I’ve been learning more about Australian home styles. Australia has a rich and eclectic urban landscape influenced by English and American architectural styles that… Read More Australian home styles


Forgotten Australians

From the 1920s to the 1980s, an estimated 500,000 children experienced institutional care. These children are referred to today as Forgotten Australians. They are the inspiration for the novel I’m writing. About 7,000 of these children were child migrants from Britain, Ireland, and Malta. About 50,000 of them were Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. They… Read More Forgotten Australians


Should you get a hosted or self-hosted website for your author platform?

You know what an author platform is and you’ve decided that you want one. Your next round of questions is about the logistics. Should I use WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, or something else? How much does it cost? How do I do it? Is it hard? Should I pay someone to do it for me?  The… Read More Should you get a hosted or self-hosted website for your author platform?


Author platform – what, why, how?

What is an author platform? Do you need an author platform? How do you build an author platform? This is a hot topic among unpublished writers. It comes up often in the Facebook groups for writers that I belong to. It came up last night at a publishing session at the Emerging Writers’ Festival. What… Read More Author platform – what, why, how?

Expat Life

Tell me about your home

Tell me about your home. My partner is binge-watching the new season of Orange is the New Black. Since I was on my own last night, I decided to watch something I hadn’t seen before. I started watching Outlander. Based on a series of novels, it’s about a Second World War-era English nurse named Claire… Read More Tell me about your home


Writing and writers

I’ve been writing as long as I can remember. When I was a little kid in primary school, I wrote a Halloween-themed short story. It was for a local something, maybe a competition. I don’t remember if I won, but I got a certificate with a werewolf on it. I still have it. It’s packed in… Read More Writing and writers


The secret to resilience

Recently I had lunch with a friend and she wanted to know my secret to resilience. We find ourselves in a toxic environment that we can’t change and are not ready to leave. It’s taking a toll on her not only emotionally, but also on her physical well-being. Her body wears the signs of stress.… Read More The secret to resilience


Welcome to my new blog

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to my new blog. If you came here redirected from my previous blogs Stumble Down Under or Magickly, you’ll find much of that content here and more is coming. If you’re joining me for the first time, welcome! You might be wondering what on earth I’m doing now. Let me… Read More Welcome to my new blog

Expat Life

The road to residency part 8: permanent residency

On Saturday, 1st April – April Fools’Day – I received an email from my migrant agent with the news. I am a permanent residency. The PDF from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection was attached. It took three years. I applied for the temporary residency visa in April 2014. Two years later, in April 2016, I became eligible to… Read More The road to residency part 8: permanent residency


On blogging and LiveJournal’s new terms

I don’t remember when I started blogging. It was on AOL Journals so it was at least 2003, but I left before it closed in 2008. I don’t remember what I blogged about, probably nothing. Although there were some pioneers in the space, a blog in the late 1990s and early 2000s was, generally speaking,… Read More On blogging and LiveJournal’s new terms