Hello and welcome. My name is Cosette and I’m the writer here. This is my personal blog about reading, writing, magic, and life down under.

I started blogging a long time ago in the AOL Journals community. I began blogging because I enjoy exploring new technologies and communities. I blogged to share, discover, and process. I’ve had many different blogs over the years across a variety of platforms. I’ve brought them all together here.

I was born in Havana, Cuba in 1977. I immigrated with my family to the United States on the Mariel boatlift in 1980 and grew up in Miami. In 2012, I moved to Melbourne, Australia to live with my Aussie partner. I blog a lot about being an expat and have been featured on Blog ExpatExpat FocusExpats BlogInterNations, Expat Arrivals, and Globehunters.

My education is in English, Women’s Studies, and Religious Studies. I’m passionate about culture, spirituality, and social justice. I’m also a big lover of social media and online communities, and my day job is in these social web spaces. I’ve worked for clients big and small, corporate, NGO, and not-for-profits, and also do consulting work, training, and public speaking.

I’m a voracious reader. I enjoy the classics, Latin American literature, and literary fiction. I write quite a lot and some of it has appeared online at unlikely places like realestate.com.au and PR Daily. I’m also working on a novel.

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    • Haha! I saw it earlier today. I’m subscribed to your blog. Thank you! I’ll get to it soon.

  • fallingdownunder

    Happy to have found you! Enjoying the insight – and look forward to reading additonal posts!

  • Jo-Anne Wells

    I, too, am passionate about culture, spirituality and social justice. I am very fortunate to work in a profession that enables me to immerse myself in all these things. Thrilled to have found your blog. I live in Melbourne also and find it very interesting to read ex pat blogs that reveal more about a city/place/country than locals ever seem to notice.

    • Cosette Paneque

      Thank you for the kind words, Jo-Anne.

    • Cosette Paneque

      Thanks, Jo-Anne!

  • Nazneen

    I’ve nominated you for versatile blogger award if you are interested 🙂 head over to this link

    • Cosette Paneque

      Thank you!