Monday morning at PantheaCon

Day four of PantheaCon. There is programming at PantheaCon on Monday morning. I had planned to go to a few workshops, but I was so tired. I decided instead to sleep in, have a quiet breakfast in my room, and take my time to pack. It was a good plan. Last night’s wonderful Kali puja was the perfect way to wrap it up.

Hotel check-out is at noon, but my flight isn’t for several hours. My friends at the Umbanda House let me hang out in their suite and eat their food, which included healthy snacks, muffins, lemon cake, and a chocolate fondue fountain. The hotel food may not be great, but the hospitality suites make up for it. PantheaCon is delightfully decadent and the Umbanda suite is the most eatenest suite of all.

In a couple of hours, I’ll be heading to the San Jose airport. I’ll board an American Eagle plane that will take me to Los Angeles. Then I have a five-hour layover before I get on a Qantas plane for the 15-hour flight to Melbourne. Australia, here I come.