How to sleep

How to sleep? I have no idea. You know when you’re really excited about something and you can’t sleep the night before? I haven’t slept since July.

I’ve had poor sleeping habits for a long time. Growing up, my parents were not strict about a bed time. I often stayed up late, got up early for school, napped in the afternoon, stayed up late, and so forth. This pattern has stuck. I’m a morning person. I wake up cheerful and energised and tend to get a lot done before noon. My energy starts to wane in the early afternoon and a siesta becomes most welcome. Oh, dear America, why didn’t we adopt┬ásiestas and clotted cream along with pizza and fried rice?

At night, it’s hard to turn my brain off sometimes. I’m running through the day examining how I could have done something differently or handled a situation better, going through mental notes and to-do lists, and planning the next day. Sometimes I end up getting back up and working on something for a few hours.

There’s a lot on my mind concerning my upcoming trip to Australia. It’s been challenging to plan for a trip when you don’t know how long you’ll be gone. There’s a lot on my to do list, many deadlines, and some really important questions to answer such as, “How many handbags do I need?” and “What’s the best way to pack a cauldron?”

More sleep is one of my New Year’s resolutions and I’m developing a foolproof plan. I’m having a hard time articulating it at this moment because I’m kind of sleepy. I’m gonna take a nap and get back to this later.