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Happy New Year! I’m going to Australia!

Happy New Year! I’m going to Australia!

I made the decision last February. I was in California attending PantheaCon, one of the largest Pagan festivals in the U.S., when it occurred to me that this time next year would be a good time to travel to Australia. Most of the flights go through Los Angeles and it seemed reasonable to fly out while I was already in California.

The Liberty card from the William Blake tarot.Theo and I met in December 2008 and we’d been talking about my travelling to Australia for some time in that non-committal way that people talk about New Year’s resolutions, but we both knew this had to happen. I needed guidance. At PCon, I went to Mary K. Greer for a tarot reading. She was delightful and gushed about Australia, saying I would love it. She said that if she could make her life over, she’d do it in Australia. She gave me a wonderful and supportive reading using the William Blake deck. As if that weren’t enough, Australian musical artist Wendy Rule was staying at my hotel and I chatted with her as well. Clearly, these were good signs.

I booked my flight. The Visitor Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is valid for 12 months with stays of up to three months. That’s the plan, three months. The trip is about six weeks away.