Review: Wiccan Meditations

Book cover of Wiccan Meditations.For many Wiccans, the Craft is about deep personal transformation. This may be achieved through ritual, but another effective method is pathworking. Getting started in trance and pathworking can be overwhelming, but in Wiccan Meditations: The Witch’s Way to Personal Transformation, Laura Wildman gives us the tools for success.

Wiccan Meditations is a practical, hands-on guide for facilitating and recognising trance states and for working with trance either individually or in groups. There are six chapters, each one building upon the previous.

The first chapter is a guide for facilitators. It assesses the levels of trance and breaks down the stages of trance, what physical changes non-physical experiences typically occur at each stage, and trouble signs to look for. This first chapter goes over the basics such as proper speech, pacing, and problems with giving too many details or not enough.

Chapter two consists of exercises for stretching, grounding, relaxation, and visualization. This chapter also describes the methods for entering and leaving trance states. There are three levels of exercises, basic, intermediate, and skilled, making this book a valuable resource for many moons.

Chapters three through five are devoted to the journeys themselves and contain journeys into trance for gaining insights into a wide range of matters including job issues, spiritual paths, love, protection, healing, meeting with the gods, shapeshifting, and the sabbats. All of the exercises and journeys are designed to reveal without being confrontational in a safe way and can be done alone or with a group. Chapter six offers journeys specifically for covens and committed groups.

We enter trance states for many reasons. We look inwards for answers, to learn about the world and ourselves, to meet gods and spirits. Whatever your reason, Wiccan Meditations will help you get there.



  • Dawn

    Thank-you for the tip, I shall certainly be looking out for this one.