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What to wear on a long flight

What do you wear on a long flight? Door to door, the journey from Miami to Melbourne is about 25 hours. It goes across the hemisphere into the opposite season to Los Angeles. Then, across the US to Miami. When I travel, I want comfort, but also want style, and I prefer to look like a traveller rather than a tourist.

I like tunics and flowy tops. They’re comfortable for travel. I tend to wear black because it looks dressier and it hides my clumsy spills better. I pair that with dark denim jeans. I see travellers in sweatpants, yoga pants, chinos, and cargo pants. Some women like to travel in skirts. Jeans are versatile and what I feel the most comfortable in.

Because I’ll have to remove my shoes at least once to get through security, I opt for a simple shoe over boots or anything that requires lacing up. Ballet slippers and loafers are nice, but I prefer a comfy trekker because more than once I’ve found myself running across an airport.

Pieces of clothing. What to wear on a long flight.

It may be cold at the airport. On the flight, it often starts off warm and then it’s like a blizzard in there. Some women love cardigans, but that doesn’t provide enough warmth for me. I prefer a jacket and a thick scarf is a must. That can double as a pillow or blanket.

I keep my accessories simple, just my favourite hoop earrings, my ring, and sunglasses. I skip makeup and perfume; how awful is it to sit near someone with a heavy perfume or cologne?

What do you like to wear when you travel?



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  • I usually start out wearing just normal comfortable clothes. In summer, sandals and a skirt is fine for me, otherwise jeans.

    I always wear shoes that slip on and off easily. Not only is it good for security, but when you’re sitting in coach and the person in front of you has their seat reclines all the way and you can’t reach your feet, it’s nice not having to stress about one of your shoelaces being ties tighter than the other.

    I always bring leggings that I can slip on. If G is with me, I’ll do it right there in the seat, under a blanket. Otherwise I’ll change in the bathroom. They’re good for sleeping in because I like to pull my feet up onto the seat and the waistband of jeans is not very comfortable for that. With a skirt, they can just slip on and off under the skirt. Easy peasy.

    I also bring a zip-up hoodie in my carry-on so when I get cold, I can put it on backwards and not have to disturb my neighbours or my comfortable arrangement of pillows. When I’m ready to sleep, I pull the hood over my face.

    I also dislike traveling with make-up on. (How gross is it after 25 hours with no shower? Yuck!) I’ll usually just do mascara and light blush and then in LAX, I’ll wash it off in the bathroom sink. Easy to reapply the next morning upon landing.

    • Sounds like you’ve got a system down pat. Thanks for sharing!

  • Your post and your fashion image demonstrate that you can travel for comfort, being practical but also still look fashionable. Love the outfit!

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