Review: Wicca Demystified

Book cover of Wicca Demystified.Wicca is one of the most rapidly growing religions in America yet misconceptions, misunderstandings, and untruths about it persist. While many excellent books for beginners have hit the shelves, most have been instruction manuals on the practice of Wicca. Bryan Lankford’s Wicca Demystified: A Guide for Practitioners, Family and Friends is a much needed book for creating greater education and understanding of our faith.

Lankford’s book is “A Guide for Practitioners, Family, and Friends”. It’s not about how to cast a circle, or the tools of Wicca, or how to perform spells. Wicca Demystified is about alleviating confusion and answering questions about the beliefs and practices of Wicca. Lankford explores questions such as:

  • Why do Wiccans worship a Goddess?
  • How can people be divine beings when they are flawed?
  • Don’t Pagans worship idols?
  • Why would a person use myths in religion when myths aren’t true?
  • Why is there evil in the world?
  • What does Wicca teach about social issues such as abortion, euthanasia, and homosexuality?
  • What about sin?
  • Why would Wiccans perform charity?
  • Doesn’t the belief in reincarnation promote suicide?

Lankford’s book tackles difficult questions that many other authors shy away from. It is a helpful guide for those considering becoming Wiccan, but also for those who know someone who is Wiccan or are simply curious about this religion. It’s the perfect guide for nervous friends and family members. More experienced Wiccans won’t likely find any new information in Wicca Demystified, but they may still benefit from the author’s eloquence. This book can help anyone craft his/her own responses to pressing questions.



  • This sounds like a book I will have to pick up. Thanks for reviewing it.