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The road to residency part 6: temp visa granted

Nearly two years after I began the application process, my temporary visa has finally been granted.

Immigration took so long that my medical assessment expired. My migrant agent called and told me I needed to do it again. His office scheduled it with Bupa.

It was bad enough the first time with Medibank and it was downright awful the second time around. At Medibank, I was allowed to wear my clothes throughout most of the examination, until the chest X-ray when I changed into a paper top and then right back to my clothes.

At Bupa, I had to change into the paper top at the start and wear it throughout every step of the examination. Much of that time is spent waiting in room full of men, women, and children doing the same thing. When you’re a fat woman with large breasts, wearing a paper top in a room full of strangers for a couple of hours is very uncomfortable.

That was in February. A couple of weeks ago, on a Friday afternoon, my migrant agent called me to tell me that my visa was approved. He emailed me the paperwork and was very clear over the phone that I should go to him with any questions. There is a lot of misinformation out there about this subject.

Reviewing the paperwork from Immigration, there was no mention of having to leave Australia and re-enter for the visa to kick in. I asked my migrant agent about it:

Ah the things people say!

Whoever said that you need to leave and re-enter to have the visa kick in is wrong. Who knows where a story like that could have come from – it is one I have never heard before.

I’ve heard it many times. Curious, isn’t it?

So, I’m currently the holder of a “Partner (Temporary) (class UK) Partner (subclass 820) visa”. Immigration really likes parentheses. In a year, I can pursue permanent residency.



  • Congratulations- you’re getting there!

    Surprised that the migrant agent had NEVER heard of the exit/re-enter requirement, but I supposed if he is only working with people who are applying from within Australia, he never would have encountered it firsthand. (I had to leave and return because I had begun my application from outside Australia, and then entered Australia on a Visitor’s Visa).

    • Cosette Paneque

      Yes, I imagine the process is different if you apply onshore versus offshore, not to mention that it feels like the requirements change every other day. I’m so glad it’s over (for now).

  • juli Townsend

    I’m horrified to hear how the medical exam at Bupa was done – that sounds terrible.

    • Cosette Paneque

      Thanks! And, yeah, Bupa, that sucked.