Old Melbourne, new Melbourne

One thing I love about Melbourne is the blend the old and the new, its historical architecture alongside or even inside contemporary structures.

Melbourne was founded in 1835, more than 250 years after the first Spanish mission was constructed in Miami. You don’t see many old buildings in Miami. There are some notable exceptions particularly in Downtown Miami and Miami Beach’s beautiful Art Deco district, but most of these buildings only go back to the 1920s.  In contrast, Melbourne’s old homes and buildings plentfiul. Glorious historic buildings such as Flinders Street Station (1854) and the Royal Exhibition Building (1880) sit alongside modern structures like Federation Square (2002) and the Melbourne Museum (2001).

Coop's Shot Tower.
Completed in 1888, Coop’s Shot Tower was incorporated into Melbourne Central, a shopping complex, in 1991.
Flinders Street.
The Young and Jackson Hotel was established in 1861. St. Paul’s Cathedral was consecrated in 1891.
Federation Square.
Federation Square was built in 2002. It sits across from the historic Young and Jackson Hotel, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Flinders Street Station.
A laneway.
The Melbourne CBD is full of laneways. Some are lined with shops and cafes, some with street art. Notice the bluestone path.

There are some American cities that have preserved its historic sites better than Miami. New York City comes to mind as do parts of the South and New England. Miami fast population growth leaves little room to expand the city. So, it grows upwards. Historic sites are destroyed to make room for sporting venues and tall condominiums particularly along the Miami River and bay. Melbourne faces these challenges too, especially in the suburbs. Charming old homes are giving way to modern, boxy apartments.