Expat Life

My Accent

Today’s prompt in the Expat Blog Challenge is “my accent.”

I could write about my accent, but I thought I’d let you hear it instead. Press the orange play button.



  • I thought about doing this, too. But when I know someone is specifically listening I tend to lose my accent and try to sound all professional and stuff. So I don’t know how it would come out. I love your voice, Cosette! Hmmm… now I’m jelly and wish I had done the talky thing too. Bummer.

    • Cosette

      It’s not too late. I think we’d all love to hear your voice.

  • Great idea. It was fascinating to hear the voice behind the words you have been writing. I used to teach beginning Spanish at the University of Texas at Arlington—what I taught (the boring textbook stuff) was so different from what the (mostly Hispanic) students grew up speaking in their homes. I found their dialect very interesting. Did you say “lunchar” for to have lunch in your examples of Spanglish? That’s a great creation.

    • Cosette

      Yes. We say lonchar (lunch), parquear (to park), faxear (to fax)…I think you probably see a pattern here. Just take an English verb and add -ar or -ear at the end. We also go back and forth between English and Spanish quickly and easily. For example, even my mom, who doesn’t speak English, will say, “¿Estás ready?” (are you ready?).

  • Love this idea, and love getting to hear your voice. Now I’ll read your posts with your voice in my head.
    I love what you said about the language being living, and we invent the words we need. That’s so important, and what keeps things interesting. I think it’s quite sad that we’re losing so many regional dialects with globalization.

    • Cosette

      We’re not just losing dialects, we’re losing entire languages! A language dies every 14 days.

  • Your voice is lovely and soothing! It would be great for audio books and voice overs 🙂

    • Cosette

      Haha, thank you! I did have a short incarnation as a newsradio reporter, but I have a different voice for that.

  • Samantha

    You really seem to have a calming rhythm to the way you speak. I agree you’re voice would do well for audio books & voice overs. Great idea to include the sound clip.

    • Cosette

      Thank you!

  • julesdownunder

    Hello Cosette! First of all, your blog entries stopped coming through my email and I just assumed that you weren’t blogging. Just discovered all these great entries under my WordPress feed and feel like I’m catching up! Nice to hear from you again!

    As for your accent, I didn’t necessarily hear “Miami”- I heard “home” (it was nice). 🙂

    • Cosette

      Thank you! Welcome back!