Review: Moon Tides, Soul Passages

Book cover of Moon Tides, Soul Passages.To know your Moon is to understand your emotional flow and the deep intuitive side of yourself that informs who we are, what we do, and why we do it. In Moon Tides, Soul Passages, Maria Kay Simms presents a beautiful and powerful book to help you learn and connect with your lunar side.

Moon Tides, Soul Passages is a book about lunar astrology. Simms guides you through the signs of the zodiac system, how these are connected to seasonal mythology, and the role of the moon in cycles of relationships and the changing seasons. She incorporates goddess mythology, explores astrological houses, and explores various phases of the moon. Moon Tides, Soul Passages includes a CD that you can use to create a complete report of about your lunar placements. Armed with this knowledge, you can experiment with Simms’s suggestions for connecting with the lunar and seasonal cycles, such as journaling, meditation, and rituals for personal insight and spiritual empowerment. The book is also enhanced with lunar and goddess artwork and poetry as well as personal stories and examples from biographies of notable public figures.

While it helps to have some prior study of astrology before embarking on this book, it’s not required. I don’t have a profound knowledge of astrology and I found this book highly readable and illuminating. I spent a lot of time working through it, exploring my chart, and examining patterns in my behaviour and in my life. The book is not religion-specific, but Simms is a Wiccan high priestess. As a Wiccan myself, I found that her explanations helped me make connections in my practice. This is a book I’ll turn to again and again. I highly recommend it.



  • Cosette

    She'll be at MM, by the way.

  • Thanks for the review. It sounds like a very useful book to have in my collection. Marla

  • Hrafnkell Haraldsson

    Sounds like an interesting book, Cosette. I see too that you're reading Mysts of Avalon. I can remember when that book came out and people criticized it for being “anti-Christian” when all it did was present Paganism in a fair and respectful way. I was saddened when Marion Zimmer Bradley died, because for all of her crotchetiness (she rejected a short story of mine in very pithy terms) she was an artful and insightful writer.

  • Cosette

    I'm a big fan of Arthurian literature, but I haven't been able to really get into “The Mists of Avalon” even though I'm more than halfway through the tedious tome. I'll blog more about that when I finish it.

  • That sounds like a useful book. Thanks for the review.

  • Hrafnkell Haraldsson

    ::Chuckles:: I liked it, honestly I did. I thought it was refreshing and from a fresh perspective too. In fact, if I had a complaint it would be that it wasn't Pagan enough, since 5th century Britain was almost certainly “gone Pagan” just as Spain and Gaul had gone Pagan as the Christian Roman administration withdrew. Looking forward to hearing your complete review of it, Cosette!

  • Lee

    Oh this sounds cool. Astrology has always kind of intimidated me because of all the complicated calculations and stuff. Moon signs have always been of interest to me – and it seems less complicated to just trace the moon. Thanks for the review.