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Montsalvat artist David Brown

Recently I blogged about my visit to the Montsalvat studio of renowned Australian artist Matcham Skipper. While I was roaming the artist community with friends, we also happened upon Montsalvat artist David Brown, one of the residents and a master craftsman and maker of shakuhachi and violins.

The shakuhachi is a Japanese end-blown flute. It is traditionally made of bamboo, but versions now exist in ABS and hardwoods. The soulful sound of the shakuhachi has made it popular beyond traditional Japanese music and it can be heard on tracks by Echo & the Bunnymen, Tears for Fears, Peter Gabriel, Rush, and Sade.

Brown’s career began in horology and we talked a little about fine watches, which he still tinkers with, but his love are Japanese arts such Aikido and Kyudo (forms of martial arts), sumi-e (ink wash painting), and of course the shakuhachi.

Montsalvat Artist David Brown playing a flute.

Montsalvat Artist David Brown's workbench.

Flutes and violins.


To learn more about David Brown and his work or to find out more about Montsalvat, please visit their websites.