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Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

I took my first trip to “the city” and visited the Melbourne Aquarium.

We live in the middle northern suburbs and took a 30-minute train ride to Flinders Street Station. I was surprised to see how busy the area is; the suburbs are so quiet. We walked a few blocks, stopping in a Turkish cafe for kebab and a delicious chai latte, and made our way to the Melbourne Aquarium.

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is a Southern Ocean and Antarctic aquarium. Located on the banks of the Yarra River, it was designed to resemble a ship moored to the river. Looking at it, you wouldn’t know it has four levels. The depth of the building was designed not to be imposing at street level. It extends 7 metres (23 ft) below the surface.

The Melbourne Aquarium includes Australia’s only collection of sub-Antarctic penguins. It also has an amazing oceanarium, which features rays, turtles, sharks, and up to 2,000 marine creatures of diverse species. This was my favourite part. Presentations attract a crowd and you might see school groups on weekdays, but during quiet times, I can see myself lingering there and watching these awesome creatures in the low, cool, blue light.

Melbourne Aquarium on the banks of the Yarra River.

Penguins at the Melbourne Aquarium.

Melbourne Aquarium.

A seahorse.

Close-up of an octopus.


Fish and a stingray.

A shark.

The Oceanarium at the Melbourne Aquarium.

Shark and fish at the Melbourne Aquarium.

A marine turtle at the Melbourne Aquarium.

The Oceanarium at the Melbourne Aquarium.