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Hello, Tasmania!

Greetings from Tasmania!

Although you can fly to Tasmania, we took the overnight journey on the Spirit of Tasmania because we wanted to take our car. Check-in commences 2.5 hours prior to departure and closes 45 minutes before the ship is to set sail. We arrived 2.5 hours prior to departure and spent most of that time in our car in the queue. Cars that arrived less than half-hour to the ship’s departure boarded before us. When we tried to enquire with a security agent about it, he laughed and said, “There’s no use in even trying to explain it.” How’s that for customer service? I use the term “security” loosely, by the way.

Spirit of Tasmania.

A hallway inside the Spirit of Tasmania ferry.

Inside our cabin in the Spirit of Tasmania ferry.

On board, there are some dining options, a cinema, and a gaming room. We had a few drinks, grabbed a bite, and walked around and explored the ship. There are recliners that you can sleep on, but we chose to book a cabin. We ended up in a four bed cabin with a porthole and shower. I’m so glad we did this. The upper bunks close up easily and we both slept well. We woke just in time to see we were arriving at Tasmania and that it was a lovely, sunny day. What a beautiful state!

The bay in Tasmania.

The bay in Tasmania.

We took a long, scenic drive to Hobart. We stopped in Launceston for coffee and in Richmond for a nice lunch at the Maze and Tea Room. We passed Hobart and continued on to our destination, a holiday home about 40 minutes outside the capital city. The charming and quirky house sits on a hill and has a beautiful view of forested area and a bit of the bay. It feels remote, but our closest neighbours are probably just a couple of hundred yards away. Regular visitors, however, are cute pademelons. At sunset, they appear just outside the house to feed.

Pademelons feeding at dusk.

Pademelons feeding at dusk.

Have you visited Tasmania?