Review: Exploring Wicca

Exploring WiccaIf you’re looking for practical primer to Wicca, look no further than Lady Sabrina’s Exploring Wicca: The Beliefs, Rites, and Rituals of the Wiccan Religion.

Exploring Wicca takes an eclectic approach. Lady Sabrina begins her book with a simple history of Wicca, breezing through years of Gerald Gardner, Alex Sanders, and even some traditions like Dianic and Strega Wicca. It’s short, but accurate. She presents the Principles of Wiccan Beliefs, the Wiccan Rede, and coven policies. The chapter on deity is deeper than what is usually found in many beginner books. Her friendly tone encourages seekers to ponder and pursue their own questions about deity while she explores the various phases of the God and Goddess and places them within the context of the Wheel of the Year.

Exploring Wicca moves through myths, the elements, and sacred symbols, setting a solid foundation before entering the realm of ritual and magick. Lady Sabrina presents the rites, invocation, consecrations, esbats, and sabbats, always mindful to explain the symbolism. She approaches spells in the same manner stressing a responsible approach to magick. All her exercises, rituals and spells are simple and practical, but effective and can be easily tailored to suit group or solitary work.

What sets Exploring Wicca apart from so many other introductory titles is that Lady Sabrina considers the religious and magickal dimensions of the Craft more profoundly than most. She explains symbolism and lore with a simple, straightforward approach that is accurate and easy to understand.

This is not a book about love spells and turning your enemies into toads nor is it about initiations and mysteries. It doesn’t delve too deep or wander far outside traditional forms of Wicca, but Exploring Wicca is a serious, thoughtful, well-organised, and practical introduction to the Craft. It’s a great place for seekers and beginners to start.