Review: Creating Circles & Ceremonies

Book cover of Creating Circles & Ceremonies.Creating Circles & Ceremonies: Rituals for All Seasons and Reasons is a collection of ritual elements, spells, chants, and invocations from some of the most creative minds in the Pagan community. From Oberon Zell-Ravenheart and Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart, this book is the result of many years of magick and ritual in the HOME Tradition, a shamanic path in the Church of All Worlds.

Creating Circles & Ceremonies begins with a foreword by LaSara FireFox, acknowledgements, and a history of how this book came to be. Creating Circles & Ceremonies is then divided into three sections with several chapters plus appendices.

Book I presents a basic ritual outline. There are essays and explanations on magick, creating ritual, circle symbolism, ethics, lore, etiquette, ritual spaces, energy, music and more. The rest is a collection of different circle castings, quarter calls, invocations, chants and songs, consecrations and communion blessings, and dismissals.

Book II is about the types of rituals we perform. It includes moon rituals, holidays, deity feast days, blessings, dedications, consecrations, elemental rituals, rites of passage, meditations, initiations, as well as rituals for other purposes such as abundance and forgiveness.

Book III is dedicated to the Wheel of the Year and includes essays, rituals, and recipes. The appendices include the basic principles and practices of the Church of All Worlds Tradition, an long list of deities from different pantheons, and ritual resources.

There are so many books on magick and ritual, but Creating Circles & Ceremonies really stands out. It’s well organised and full of beautiful, inspired rituals. It is equally suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.