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5 reasons to attend the Melbourne Cup

A representative from approached me about entering its guest blog competition on the subject of the Melbourne Cup, the horse race that stops the nation.

I blogged about the Melbourne Cup last year.

The Melbourne Cup is attracts people who are otherwise not interested in racehorsing and is one of the biggest betting events in Australia. I got into the spirit of it and watched the race with Theo and friends over bubbly and barbecue. I even bet $10 on Green Moon. I don’t know anything about race-horsing and picked the winning horse based on its name. Not bad for a beginner. Next year, I’ll wear a hat.

“Next year,” I said, and it looks like I could get the chance to go and wear a hat after all.

My blog entry, 5 Reasons to attend the Melbourne Cup, is up now at and will be there a week. Please read it, Like it, and share it. If I get enough Likes, I could win two tickets to the Melbourne. Then I’d really have something to blog about. And did I mention that I want to wear a hat? A steampunk top hat.



  • Sorry, I looked everywhere on the site but couldn’t find it to ‘Like’. Directions?
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Thanks, David. The share buttons appear at the top, but below the blog title and date. There should be four of them: Facebook, Google+, Share This, and Email. The Facebook button is always the last one to appear for me.

  • I have a special affection for the Melbourne Cup as I was born on Melbourne Cup Day in 1954 :-). Rising Fast was the winner that year. I have never attended the Cup but I do hope you enjoy it.

    • That’s cool, Rainee. It’s a double celebration for you!

  • Sorry Cosette, I thought you meant it was on the site, it’s there I was looking for it. I’ve Facebooked and Tweeted this blog. Good luck with the hat ( Don’t forget the goggles). xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  • LIked. Good luck with the competition, and the horses. 🙂