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The great Melbourne earthquake of 2012

Melbourne had an earthquake. Australia has earthquakes? Someone should have told me about this.

Victoria has been shaken by its biggest earthquake in 30 years. It scared the bejesus out of Laurie at The Texstralians.

Tonight we had an earthquake! It was a mere 5.2 grade but it still scared the living daylights out of me! We live on the 13th floor of a high rise apartment building and it was just a little too strange to feel the whole building swaying. At first I thought my husband was being cheeky and jiggling the couch, but it was actually the building moving! I started to panic and I worried that the building was going to collapse. Let’s hear it for architects and engineers that plan for this kind of thing! The building still stands, praise Hey-zeus!

Matt swears up and down he didn’t feel a thing. My heart was pounding and I was panting like a dog talking to him about it. I don’t feel the need to live through any more of those, thank you!

New sources are reporting the earthquake was a magnitude 5.3 or 5.4. It occurred Tuesday night. Naturally, Australians took to the internet to share their devastating experiences.

Melbourne earthquake meme.

Melbourne earthquake meme.

Melbourne earthquake meme.

Melbourne earthquake meme.

Melbourne earthquake meme.

According to the Herald Sun, the earthquake “shook homes, cracked windows and walls, and threw residents from their chairs.” And that was pretty much it. ABC said no injuries were reported.



  • My niece in Melbourne mentioned the tremors on Facebook before I saw it in the news 🙂

    • Oh, yeah; I not only get more news from Facebook and Twitter than I do traditional media, but I also get more interesting news and lots of feelgood stuff too.

  • I didn’t feel anything (and anyone in Melbourne who says they did is probably not being entirely truthful), but we were out at the farm this weekend (up in the Dandenongs) and the latch on the garage door was jammed. When we finally got it open, we couldn’t close it because the hole didn’t even remotely line up with the latch. We had to drill an entirely new hole. Since it wasn’t like that two weeks ago, we could only conclude that the earthquake must have shifted the house a bit.

    • Ah, another devastating story of survival 😉