Expat Life

Birds, the sounds we wake up to

In Miami, the sounds we wake up to are those of the concrete jungle, namely cars and sirens. Some residential areas are quieter, but nowhere in Miami have I experienced the orchestra of birds in the morning. In Miami, unless you leave the city, you rarely see anything other than pigeons, grackles, and turkey vultures. As a child, I recall seeing blue jays and cardinals, but they’re hardly seen anymore. In Melbourne, there are so many birds and these are the sounds we wake up to.

The Sorrow

The Carollers

The Cackler

The Cooer

The Crier

The Peepers

The Screechers

The Whistlers

About the images and sounds bites: The image of the Laughing Kookaburra was taken by me at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Tasmania. All the other images are from Wikimedia Commons. All the audio files are by Fred Van Gessel for Birds in Backyards.



  • Oh, thank you, Cossette! I do miss our noisy birds. In Florida, we had mostly water birds and they were largely quiet. Here in Scotland, the birds are generally softly ‘spoken.’

    Some of the recordings didn’t work for me, but I loved listening to the ones that did. 🙂